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Configure Login Profile in your Comparium account and benefit from capturing screenshots of the pages behind the form-based login. Test not only publicly available pages but also the ones where authorization is required.

Key features of web page test

First version of Comparium is a convenient web application that offers users basis that they need for their website testing. Test your web page design on any operating system and browser combination. Save your time, as thanks to our service, there is no need to test for each combination manually.
Website test has never been easier, just simply submit the web page test address and check the results. The service will provide you with the screenshots of your web page design. With the help of Comparium, you have the opportunity to check your web page’s browser compatibility within a couple of minutes.
Support for different web browsers and their versions
With first version of Comparium you can manage web browser testing on different browsers and operating system according to your choice. The supported browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 10.0, Google Chrome 81.0, 80.0, 79.0, 78.0, Mozilla Firefox 75.0, 74.0, 68.0, Safari 13.0, 12.0 and Opera 67.0, 66.0. Perform visual compatibility testing across different web browsers.
 Support for different web browsers
Support for browsers from different platforms
Perform flawless web testing on any platform. Gain access to any modern popular operating system, browser and browser version. Comparium supports cross-browser testing on the following operating systems, namely, Windows 7, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, and Linux. Check your web page’s browser compatibility on any platform.
 Support for browsers from different platforms
Different screenshots comparison modes to facilitate your work
Сonvenient detection of web page’s incompatibilities due to different modes of visual comparison of your site layout in various browsers. Choose between different modes or use each of them for even better results. Benefit from automatic error detection mode to ease your testing routine.
 Screenshots comparison modes

Comparium Roadmap

With each version of Comparium more new features will be provided for the users. We believe that there is no room for complacency and are always in search for new ideas that we can implement in the new versions of the project.
Initial release

Screenshots testing under following Platforms, Browsers and their versions:

  • Windows: Chrome 71, 75; Firefox 61, 68; Opera 57, 58; IE 10, 11.
  • macOS (with and without Dark Mode): Chrome 71, 77; Firefox 61, 68; Opera 57, 58 and Safari 12.0.
  • Linux: Chrome 71, 75; Firefox 61, 68; Opera 60, 62.
Current version
  • Tests of the pages that require authentication
  • Screenshots testing on Windows 10
  • Tests in closed environment (protected with .htaccess)
  • Screenshots comparison with uploaded mockup
  • Real-time web testing in Linux and Windows browsers
  • Automatic screenshots comparison
  • Manual screenshots comparison
  • Personal user account
  • Support for different browser resolutions
Upcoming upgrades
  • Real-time web testing in Mac browsers
  • Test websites protected behind VPN
  • Support for custom Selenium scripts
  • Test on real mobile devices
  • Screenshots markup and captions
  • Screenshots sharing
  • Bulk URLs test
  • Tests scheduling with email reports
  • Screenshot delay
  • Support for Apple Retina website versions
Future versions
  • Autodetection and test of the localized versions of the web page
  • Low-speed connection imitation
  • Support for different display aspect ratio
  • Downloading of the testing results
  • History of screenshot versions and URL sessions
  • Corporate accounts with roles and permissions
  • Integrations with team managers and bug reporters
  • Screenshots from different locations via proxies
  • Test at the custom time of the day

Frequently asked questions

We have gathered some commonly asked questions below to give you a better idea about the Comparium.

Reviews by popular media

"Comparium will help you to monetize your website’s traffic. You could also fix the issues faced by the users of a different web browsers on different operating systems. It’s a must-use tool for every website owner."
"Comparium is the web application performs the cross-browser website testing with ease. The application offers many platforms to check the site and make it smooth to run in a variety of browsers."
"Though it is not possible to get the complete alignment of all parameters across different browsers and OS, with the help of cross-browser testing, you can ensure that the entire content is accessible to the users and that they can perform all basic functions on the app or website without any glitch."
"Comparium is a must-have tool for all the website developers as they need to test their websites on multiple platforms. It offers you a nice set of features using which you can test the compatibility and functionality of your website on any platform or web browser."

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