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Browser Resolution Test Diagnoses Key Problems About Your Webpage

There’s a lot that goes on behind our screens. But if you’ve ever wondered "what is my screen resolution", here’s a brief explanation. The images on your screen are comprised of millions of pieces called pixels. Essentially, these pixels band together to form colors, lines, and videos that ultimately display the image or video on your screen. But that doesn’t necessarily mean more pixels will always show a clearer, sharper picture. There are other factors such as screen size to consider.

What is screen resolution

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View Website on Different Resolutions Easily with Comparium

Find out the simple three-step formula when testing any web page of your choice. Comparium will offer you rich data so you can make the necessary changes to make your website layout stand out and perform.
Paste the URL of the website you want to test into the search field.
From the options given, choose your desired resolution, OS, and browser to test your website on.
Once your results are specified, Comparium will generate screenshots for you of your website’s performance.

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Get Website Results in Different Resolutions: Key Comparium Features

The appropriate website screen resolution and screen size for website design are paramount in providing a smooth and enjoyable experience. And the easiest way to optimize for that is by using a website resolution tester. Comparium saves you time by letting you do both.
Top Comparium features
to screen resolution test
 website screen size tester

View website in different resolutions, on multiple devices, and tweak as needed. Comparium offers full data-rich screenshots for you to achieve the ultimate website image.

 screen resolution checker
Comparison with each other

Compare your data side-by-side and get a full grasp of the behind-the-scenes of your website resolution. Comparium points out any visual inconsistencies and areas of improvement so optimization is as simple as can be.

Comparison with mockup

Compare between web pages and mockups and match your design exactly how you like it.

Comparison modes of screen resolution test

Get a bird’s eye view and see any visual website inconsistencies to improve with Comparium’s various comparison modes.

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Comparium was designed to be a simple solution for a tedious problem. Below, you’ll find even more helpful answers to questions in case you may be unsure of some things.
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