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The stock screen capture tool doesn’t allow you to capture a full page screenshot. In fact, it’s usually limited to just what you see on the screen and that’s it. This requires you to have to take multiple screenshots to capture a long web page or window. And when it comes to visual testing, it’s very limiting to not have the option to capture full-screen images. We’ve used it to test website on different browsers and nothing seems to work. Comparium offers a better solution that makes screen capturing easier and delivers the full picture so you can save time and resources.

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3 Steps to Make a Full Screen Capture with Comparium

Are you ready to see how to screenshot a page without having to scroll or take multiple screenshots one after the other?

Once you try this, you’ll understand just how priceless a simple feature like this can be to you optimizing your web pages. The amount of time and energy you’ll save with just this one tool alone.

Copy the website URL and paste it into the search bar in Comparium.
You’ll notice a list of various options, from specific browsers to resolutions, displays, and OS. Choose the one that applies to you.
After you’ve selected your choice, run the test and let Comparium generate the website browser screenshots for you. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have the screenshot ready and waiting for you.

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Top Comparium features
to web page capture
 Make a full page screenshot in any browser with Comparium
OS/browser configurations

With a wide range of optional configurations, choose the one that you’d like to test. Get all the data and info you need to run visual testing and diagnose any issues on your websites - in just a matter of seconds.


Choose to see your data with tons of different resolution configurations. Comparium’s full web page screen capture makes it all easy for you.

Easily compare the received screenshots and achieve a pixel-perfect image
 Take a screenshot of a web page with Comparium
Comparison with each other

Being able to see your tests side by side provides a great deal of understanding and makes testing that much more comprehensive. Check visual inconsistencies as you compare them to previous screenshots.

Comparison with mockup

Run a full screen capture and let Comparium help you optimize your visuals with a mockup you can refer to.

Full Screen Capture Comparison Models

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