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Aim for using Firefox emulator online solution

It’s helpful when you can easily test your web resource across multiple browser versions and operating systems without sacrificing the quality of service. It is even more helpful when everything for testing can be found within one solution. Comparium is a perfect Firefox browser emulator that can guarantee your site to be compatible with any version of the browser on any OS in a matter of a couple of clicks.
The old way of testing

Checking the site manually for any incompatibilities is a complicated, tedious and time-consuming process that requires an impressive amount of resources.

  • Involve a lot of real devices.
  • Requires lots of time and resources.
  • Financial risks.
  • Lots of additional software, apps.
The new way of testing

With the help of Comparium, you can quickly access Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox emulation thus solving all the worries of QA testers and have a compatible site across multiple platforms with ease.

  • No physical devices required.
  • Simultaneous multiple tests.
  • QA routine optimization.
  • Reduce testing time.

Who gets advantages from using Firefox emulator service

Comparium will help to tune to the rapid development of the IT-sphere and facilitate detecting any visual defects, trouble issues in functionality of any web resource. Checking browser compatibility becomes easy due to Firefox browser emulator online.


Any problematic issues and site incompatibilities can be found on different stages of development via Firefox simulator/emulator tools.

QA Tester

No additional tools, software, apps are required as well as no monitoring the latest versions of OSes and browsers. Everything you need is placed in one solution.
QA Tester

Simultaneous testing

Reduce testing time by executing parallel testing. Perform Firefox tests no matter the version and OS. Check browser compatibility in a matter of seconds.
Simultaneous work

Start your free test today

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How to perform Firefox testing via Comparium

Graphic display and functionality of the site may differ on various platforms. In order to avoid it it is better to test the behavior and the layout at different stages of development. With the Firefox emulator online tool Comparium it can be done in 3 simple steps.
Specify the desired OS and browser’s version in which you want your website to be tested.
After a short time, you will be able to use the browser as if it was installed on your computer.
The interface of the live testing tool allows you to quickly switch to other environments.

Available features

Interactive testing

Interactive testing

Any configurations of operating system and browser can be organised in Comparium with no need to install them all on your computer.
Only real

Only real

Launch Comparium and perform Firefox tests on the cloud based service. No fuss, everything is done by our team.
Latest browsers

Use of latest browsers

Have instant access to the list of Firefox versions as well as other browsers. Perform testing not only in the Firefox old versions, but also in the latest ones.
Remote access

Remote access

No matter the operating system you are using you can always access and perform Firefox tests in a combination of browser’s version and OSes wherever you are.


Comparium takes seriously the security of its users. It doesn’t store any information about your workflow and delete all the data after each session.

Professional support team

If you have any concerns or would like to know more about the Firefox browser emulator tool our support team would be glad to provide you with all the necessary info.


Any combination of the browser's version and operating system is available in Comparium - a perfect Firefox emulator solution. Run tests to investigate web resources functionality and behavior to increase test productivity and obtain Firefox responsive design view no matter the platform.

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Live testing

Remote testing no matter the browser using mouse and keyboard


Take screenshots across different browsers and compare results

Frequently asked questions

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