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Aim for Every Browser with Comparium

To check browser capability, Comparium is the best solution there is. It was designed so you can spend more time finding solutions to problems rather than shooting in the dark and hoping your website works fine. Comparium can generate screenshots with full data and analytics about any trouble areas of your web pages, helpful comparison modes for visual testing, and a live browser testing feature. Comparium makes visual testing quick, simple, and significantly better than other similar software.

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What Are the Advantages of Screen Resolution Simulator?

A screen resolution simulator like the one within Comparium is a useful tool for any web developer or designer - especially in this day and age. With so many types of devices, browsers, and applications, screen resolution is something that needs to be optimized to suit every platform perfectly for the best user experience possible. Understanding the subtle differences between desktop-based and mobile-based webpages helps designers create a seamless experience for users on all platforms.

Comparium has a built-in screen size emulator in place so you can detect any discrepancies and make the appropriate changes to your web pages. And it does it all in just mere seconds. This way you’ll be able to pinpoint any visual defects or errors on your website before your customer does. Comparium is the simplest, yet most robust tool that covers everything you need to build the ultimate user-friendly online experience.

Check your screen resolution with Comparium

How can I Test Comparium’s Screen Emulator?

Comparium is a simple solution that you can start using right away to start testing your web pages.

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Find visual errors before your customers find them
 Screen emulator helps you to check visual errors on your website.

Get an instant overview of your website’s resolution and visual performance. Test from different devices and see all the data behind it.

Easily compare the received screenshots and achieve a pixel-perfect image
 Compare your screenshots with Comparium Screen emulator
Test and compare

Comparium screen resolution emulator makes visual testing incredibly easy and straightforward for you. You can check for any inconsistencies between screenshots and make adjustments as needed.

Comparison with a mockup

Refer back to the mockup with your web pages and see if the design checks out.

View page differences

Compare two variants of the same layout in various modes. Switch between modes to get a better perspective.

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