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The Importance of Live Testing

Live testing is crucial for just about anyone developing a web page. However, it’s getting more and more complicated every year. With so many different browsers, devices and resolutions to run through, you will potentially need to try out thousands of different combinations if you want to be confident of the finished product. That’s where browser emulators come in. Comparium is a leading browser emulator that lets you run your pages in multiple different browsers, including Microsoft Edge, as well as plenty of other options. Live testing lets you track the same page in multiple different browser emulators, at the same time. Previously, this kind of quality assurance required a large team, comparing screenshots after running through various pages. Live testing lets you carry out testing in different specifications at once, simplifying the job and cutting down the time needed.
The old way of testing

Ensuring full functionality requires extensive manual testing.

  • Large testing team.
  • Farm devices for each different combination.
  • Waste time and effort running different virtual machines.
  • High costs.
The new way of testing

Use Comparium to test hundreds of combinations of browsers, OS and resolutions.

  • Carry out testing in a fraction of the time you’d otherwise need.
  • Streamline your QA processes.
  • More detailed, effective testing and analysis.
  • Massively reduce testing costs.

Do I Need Live Testing?

Whether you test for a major company, or simply want to guarantee the quality of your own website, live testing is essential for just about any web designer. It’s the most efficient tool for checking your page is fine in different resolution, device or browser combinations.


Identify any bugs in your programming and resolve them before you send you work to the next stage.

QA tester

Massively reduce time needed for effective testing, while also improving the detail of your test analysis.
QA Tester

Parallel tests

Run multiple tests at the same time, increasing the speed with which you run your tests.
Simultaneous work

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How Comparium Live Testing Works

Using Comparium is completely straightforward. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps, and you can start to test Edge and multiple different browsers, and gather detailed analysis of your pages. Here’s how you use Comparium:

Set of features

The following are some of the standout features available from Comparium:
Interactive testing

Interactive testing

Get quick access to different operating systems and browser configurations. Use them as if they were installed on your own computer.
Remote access

Remote access

Comparium provides you with a full set of browsers and operating systems, all contained within a single program. As a result, you don’t need to worry about maintaining a farm of devices.
Latest browsers

Full range of browser versions

Comparium offers users the latest version of a huge range of different browsers, for an Edge test or other major browser. It also provides you with a complete back catalogue of older versions, letting you ensure that your page works on pretty much any browser.


All Comparium data is deleted at the end of each session, guaranteeing security. SSL certificates ensure that all your activity is completely anonymous.
Only real

Real quality

While Comparium may sound like an emulator, in reality it functions as real browsers on virtual machines. You’re guaranteed 100% authenticity in all tests you run.

Full time support

Our support team is always on hand to deal with any issues you may encounter. Please contact us and we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.


Comparium lets you put together a huge range of different browser/OS/resolution combinations, letting you test your pages on every possible setting. The following are supported by Comparium:

Media icon Media icon Media icon
Media icon Media icon Media icon Media icon
Live testing

Remote testing no matter the browser using mouse and keyboard


Take screenshots across different browsers and compare results

Frequently asked questions

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