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Google Chrome Desktop – most popular browser for testing

Google Chrome was developed in 2008 and is based on the Chromium engine. Today, this browser is the world's leading web explorer. It is installed on almost 45% of all PCs in the world and is available on all major desktop platforms: Windows, MacOSX and Linux.

Besides that, Google Chrome has the most often updates, however, not everyone uses the latest version of the browser and continues sticking up to their most convenient and favourite ones. That is why while testing it is highly recommended to take into account and perform tests on at least five major releases to obtain more accurate results and not to lose any traffic.

Why choose Chrome browser emulator service

Have instant access to all versions of Google Chrome browser no matter if you need to test the latest version or previous one. Perform Chrome test with ease with cross-browser testing tool Comparium and save time and money without sacrificing the quality of service.
The old way of testing

Earlier having a perfectly functional site was a quite difficult task for both QA tester and a developer. The process required a lot of manual testing, money and time for rolling out a product to fully satisfy the needs of the customer.

  • Require a lot of people for testing.
  • Time-consuming process.
  • System resource consuming.
  • Presence of all devices, browsers, operating systems.
  • Financial costs.
The new way of testing

Easily check your web resource’s functionality for compliance with the latest innovations. Improve testing procedure and obtain quick results of browser version compatibility while using Chrome emulator online service - Comparium.

  • Accelerate testing time.
  • Everything in one place and online.
  • No need to setup or maintain farm devices.
  • Improve testing results.
  • Reduce costs.

Benefits from using Google Chrome emulator

Forget about maintaining a farm of devices, downloading, installing and upgrading your Chrome browser to the latest version and keeping the old ones. Comparium will help you to keep up with time in the dynamic development of the IT-sphere and perform tests in Chrome both latest versions and previous ones.


Checking the functionality along with the user interface in order to avoid any bugs and present a high quality web resource.

QA Tester

There is no need in maintaining virtual machines or having additional software. Testing process is simple via Google Chrome emulator solution - Comparium.
QA Tester

Simultaneous work

Accelerate testing speed performing parallel testing. Perform Google browser test in different versions of the latest for more accurate results.
Simultaneous work

Start your free test today

Free registration - no credit card needed - full capabilities

How does it work

In order to avoid graphic and functionality incompatibility of your web resource in different versions of Chrome browser it is advisable to perform tests using real versions of browsers or reliable Chrome emulator solutions like Comparium. Reduce your testing time with an all-in-one solution.
Specify the desired OS and browser’s version in which you want your website to be tested.
After a short time, you will be able to use the browser as if it was installed on your computer.
The interface of the live testing tool allows you to quickly switch to other environments.

Offered features

Interactive testing

Interactive testing

No need to buy or maintain lots of devices. With our Google Chrome emulator solution you can run tests without having it installed on your computer.
Only real

Only real

Perform tests in different browsers and their versions on virtual machines. All you need is to launch Comparium and the rest will be done by our team.
Latest browsers

Browsers Update

Our team is constantly updating the list of browsers so you can perform not only chrome browser test in the old versions but keep up to date.
Remote access

Remote access

Test anywhere and anytime. An impressive set of operating systems and browsers are at your fingertips with no need to roll out your own farm of devices.


Comparium have strong views on the privacy of its users that is why it uses SSL certificates to protect your workflow.

Professional support

Feel free to contact our support department if you require any additional information about our Chrome emulator online service.


Use Chrome emulator Comparium to perform interactive tests on any operating systems and any screen resolutions. Have instant access to all browser versions to check the behaviour and functionality of your web resource.

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Live testing

Remote testing no matter the browser using mouse and keyboard


Take screenshots across different browsers and compare results

Frequently asked questions

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