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Importance of live testing using virtual web browser

Testing a website across tons of browsers and devices one at a time is overwhelming. Virtual browsers can help you to expand your testing coverage and optimize the process to find problem areas easier. Make challenging web testing even faster with the help of Comparium and its features of live and screenshot testing.
The old way of testing

Managing a fully functional website requires extensive manual testing not taking into account money, time and human resources.

  • Requires lots of resources.
  • Financial costs.
  • Access to numerous devices.
  • Installing all possible OSes and browsers.
The new way of testing

Use Comparium to speed up your testing routine and have access to all possible combinations of OS/browsers/resolution.

  • Simultaneous multiple tests.
  • Convenient and penny-wise.
  • Testing process is optimized.
  • Accelerate testing time.

What is an aim of virtual browser online

In the condition of a rapid and dynamic development of the It-sphere, the use of virtual browsers plays a crucial role in web testing. So whether you are a tster, a web developer/designer or an owner of a website, using a virtual browser online is rather convenient, saves time and easy to use.


Virtual web browser helps you to identify any errors in your programming and fix them before sending to the next level of testing.

QA Tester

Improve your testing analysis and accelerate time needed for testing. Efficient work can be done without setting up and downloading any additional tools.
QA Tester

Parallel testing

By executing parallel testing you can increase the speed with which you run your tests and obtain results much faster than usual.
Simultaneous work

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Check web page compliance with a free virtual browser solution – Comparium

Checking page compliance with three simple steps is not a fantasy. Comparium offers you an impressive set of features to help you in optimizing your web page. Run browser inside browser easily, perform live testing and save time and energy with this all-in-one solution.

Set of features offered by Comparium

Comparium has gathered all the necessary features you need to have hassle free web testing.
Interactive testing

Interactive testing

Any configuration of operating system and browser can be easily accessed vin Comparium. The service allows you to interact with the necessary configuration as if it is installed on your computer.
Latest browsers

Wide list of online browser versions

While using Comparium you will not need to monitor the upcoming releases of browsers. We do it for you, that is why you can find all the latest versions along with the older ones of your favorite browser.


Security is an important aspect and Comparium understands it. That is why while working with our virtual web browser service we use SSL certificates to ensure anonymity and security from any data breach. In addition all the data is deleted after each session.
Only real

Real quality

Perform testing in virtual browsers that are launched on virtual machines without losing the quality of web testing. Comparium guarantees 100% authenticity.
Remote access

Ubiquitous сonnectivity

Forget about buying and carrying with you an expensive lab of devices. Test from anywhere and anytime you need so. Coparium is an online solution that guarantees you instant access to all operating systems and browsers no matter where you are.


We have a professional support team that is ready to provide you with qualified help on any issue you may encounter. Contact us and be sure your issue will be solved in a short amount of time.


Increase your device coverage with dozens of desktop browser/operating systems/resolution combinations available in Comparium. Accelerate your testing time with no need to maintain the farm of devices. Everything is within reach.

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Live testing

Remote testing no matter the browser using mouse and keyboard


Take screenshots across different browsers and compare results

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