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Why live testing is important

Live testing is an integral part of web developing as you want to be confident your site doesn’t have any glitches in functionality. As nowadays testers face the issue of thousands of new devices, browsers and OSes they need to run tests through. Here is where browser emulators come to rescue. With Comparium you can test your pages across multiple different browsers, including latest Opera browser versions and Opera older versions as well as plenty of other options.
The old way of testing

Ensuring a bug free web resource requires strenuous manual testing and lots of human and technological resources.

  • Financial risks and costs.
  • Access to numerous devices.
  • Lab of devices for all combinations.
  • Lots of time.
The new way of testing

Solve all questions when it comes to visual testing with Comparium. The service facilitates testing on older versions of browsers as well as the new ones so nothing can slip from your sight.

  • Parallel testing.
  • No physical devices required.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Online testing.

Opera emulator: who can benefit from

Using browser emulators is essential at different stages of web resource development and testing. It is rather convenient and allows you to quickly identify mismatches both in the layout and behavior of your page.


Live testing guarantees the detailed analysis of your site performance ensuring web compliance no matter the device used by the user and developer.

QA Tester

No need to maintain or set up additional software and applications. Find everything you need right in the Comparium interface.
QA Tester

Simultaneous testing

Accelerate your testing time by executing up to 10 parallel tests. Perform simultaneous work regardless of the development stage.
Simultaneous work

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Perform Opera test in 3 simple steps

With Comparium the amount of time and energy for checking the behavior and layout can be reduced significantly. Simply follow these 3 steps in order to test your site in the latest Opera browser versions as well as older versions.
Specify the desired OS and browser’s version in which you want your website to be tested.
After a short time, you will be able to use the browser as if it was installed on your computer.
The interface of the live testing tool allows you to quickly switch to other environments.

Wide range of features

Interactive testing

Interactive testing

Seamlessly test your web resource on any platform, browser and device. Comparium offers you access to most major combinations of different OS/browser, screen resolutions, etc.
Only real

Real quality

The whole idea of Comparium is to provide access to most major browsers as if they are installed on your computer without losing the quality of web testing. Comparium is not a simple Opera emulator, it uses a real browser on a virtual machine.
Latest browsers

Complete set of browsers and versions

While using Comparium you can find not only the latest Opera browser versions but also the old ones. The list of supported browsers is huge. Forget about monitoring the update of browsers as we will provide you with the latest versions for perfect web testing.
Remote access

Remote access

Performing Opera test can be done in a matter of minutes from wherever you are, as Comparium has gathered all most wanted features and functionality in a single place with no need to maintain your own lab of devices.


Comparium guarantees security for each of your sessions, as the service deletes all data after each session and implements SSL certificates to ensure anonymity.

Full time support

We are always on hand to help you with dealing any issues you may face up with. Do not hesitate to contact our professional support team if you need further information or would like to discuss any detail.


Comparium provides access to most used browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions with no need to have them all installed on your machine. Improve your web page testing and accelerate your testing speed.

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Live testing

Remote testing no matter the browser using mouse and keyboard


Take screenshots across different browsers and compare results

Frequently asked questions

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