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How to Use Comparium to Run Responsive Tests

Comparium is simple to use. This guide will teach you how to test website responsiveness. It can be applied easily to a practical situation, where you have a deployed page in need of testing. By doing this, you’ll get a result similar to any other responsive website testing tool:

Is Comparium the Best Responsive Tester?

Comparium combines speed, convenience and functionality. It incorporates a broad library of OSes and browsers that can be used for testing purposes. Still, not every task is the same, and you may need a different program. Check out our article on best responsive web design tools.

Best Responsive Tester Tool

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The Establishing Features of Comparium

 responsive tester
Resolution Settings

Ensure that your web page displays correctly on any monitor. Change the resolution setting and take a look at different test cases. It’s all doable within seconds.

 responsive web design test
Comparison Modes

Pick any pair of screenshots and assess their differences in multiple helpful modes. Use one as a transparent overlay, for example.

Template Matching

If you have a solid idea of how your page should look, use a template and substitute it for one of these screenshots. You can make your page as precise as you need it to be.

Comparison Options

These are the ways you can compare two images in Comparium. It’s got everything you need in a web design tester:

Target Device Variety

Websites that are tested in Comparium can reach a very broad audience, spanning countless devices, systems and browsers. Run the tests in bulk without resorting to human-operated testing services.

  • More than 100 system/browser combinations
  • Capable of simultaneous operations
  • Highly configurable
  • Regularly updated

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Free account - no credit card needed - full capabilities


Reviews by popular media

"Comparium will help you to monetize your website’s traffic. You could also fix the issues faced by the users of a different web browsers on different operating systems. It’s a must-use tool for every website owner."
"Comparium is the web application performs the cross-browser website testing with ease. The application offers many platforms to check the site and make it smooth to run in a variety of browsers."
"Though it is not possible to get the complete alignment of all parameters across different browsers and OS, with the help of cross-browser testing, you can ensure that the entire content is accessible to the users and that they can perform all basic functions on the app or website without any glitch."
"Comparium is a must-have tool for all the website developers as they need to test their websites on multiple platforms. It offers you a nice set of features using which you can test the compatibility and functionality of your website on any platform or web browser."
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