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Value and reasons for live testing

Thanks to live testing, you can check not only the quality of your web resource but also feel the interaction as users will experience it. Check your web resource in real-time with our live testing tool thus saving time and money without sacrificing the quality of service for your customers. Besides that, live testing provides a number of features missing while taking screenshots.
The old way of testing

Having an error-free web resource is a complicated task that requires a lot of time, money, and effort at different stages of development.

  • Involve a lot of people in the testing process.
  • Maintain a farm of computers/devices for each OS and browser.
  • Roll out lots of virtual machines consuming all system resources.
  • Financial costs.
The new way of testing

Facilitate testing routine for millions of QA testers and developers. Thanks to Comparium, obtain instant access to lots of operating systems, browsers, resolutions.

  • Reduce testing time.
  • Improve the QA routine.
  • Optimization of your testing processes.
  • Take your test coverage to the next level.
  • Cost-efficiency.

Who benefits from live testing

Live testing is needed not only because of convenience but also in the conditions of the dynamic development of the IT-sphere it is simply a vital necessity.


As a result of live testing, you can check not only the functionality of your web resource but also whether UI has got any bugs or not.

QA Tester

Speed up your testing routine by having everything you need at your fingertips without setting up and downloading any additional tools.
QA Tester

Simultaneous work

Execute up to 10 parallel tests. Reduce test execution time and work simultaneously on different stages of your website development.
Simultaneous work

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How does it work

The vast majority of sites and apps work differently on different platforms therefore graphic display and functionality may be disrupted. Thanks to Comparium checking the behavior and layout of your web resource will not take a lot of time and effort.
Specify the desired OS and browser’s version in which you want your website to be tested.
After a short time, you will be able to use the browser as if it was installed on your computer.
The interface of the live testing tool allows you to quickly switch to other environments.

Set of features

Interactive testing

Interactive testing

Get instant access to any OS/browser configurations and use them as if they were installed on your own computer.
Only real

Only real

While performing testing we do not use any emulators. For a better user experience, we only use real browsers on virtual machines.
Latest browsers

Latest browsers

We monitor and update browsers regularly, so you can always have instant access to the latest versions.
Remote access

Remote access

Wherever you are there will always be a set of operating systems and browsers at your service so you do not need to buy and maintain your own farm of devices.


Comparium uses SSL certificates to protect your work that guarantee anonymity and security from infection. All data is deleted after each session.


Have any questions or would like to know more info? Our support team is always ready to provide you with professional services. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Test your web resources interactively on hundreds of desktop browser/OS/resolution combinations. Facilitate your workflow, increase device coverage and reduce your testing speed.

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Live testing

Remote testing no matter the browser using mouse and keyboard


Take screenshots across different browsers and compare results

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