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Value and reasons for using web browser emulator

A possible way to solve the problem of the lack of real browsers installed on computers is to use special browser emulator online tools that imitate their functionality. Using such tools gives you the ability to identify problems with your website and allows you to take corrective actions to make your website attractive and functional on different versions of popular browsers.
The old way of testing

Testing on real browsers and devices is a worthwhile thing, however, it requires the presence of lots of devices, money and time.

  • Requires combination of lots of devices with browsers’ versions.
  • Time-consuming.
  • Requires installation of additional software.
  • Manual testing.
  • Cost-based.
The new way of testing

Using browser emulators facilitate the testing routine as they allow you to expand the list of browsers for testing web resources and check changes on the fly.

  • Instant access to all browsers.
  • Testing on old browsers emulator.
  • Quickly get the results of testing.
  • No additional software needed.

Who benefits from using browser emulator

If there is no opportunity or means to test all combinations of browsers, OS and devices on physical hardware, then you can always resort to using online browser emulator services.


If you need to check web resources in different browsers with a limited amount of devices, then using browser simulators/emulators can speed up your development routine.

QA Tester

There is no need to install multiple browsers on your computer, create different accounts or use additional software with browser emulator solution.
QA Tester

Simultaneous work

Mac browser emulator as well as Windows browser emulator can be available via web browser emulator tools allowing simultaneous work for users on different OSes.
Simultaneous work

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How does it work

Check your web resource in real-time using browser emulator tool - Comparium.You do not need additional software as our service works from a browser. Easily check the behavior and your site layout across different browsers and their versions via Comparium.
Specify the desired OS and browser’s version in which you want your website to be tested.
After a short time, you will be able to use the browser as if it was installed on your computer.
The interface of the live testing tool allows you to quickly switch to other environments.

Set of features

Interactive testing

Interactive testing

Comparium allows you to emulate browsers' behaviour on computer without installing them on your device.
Only real

Only real

Perform web testing on cloud based environments. Only real browsers on virtual machines for even better testing experience.
Latest browsers

Latest browsers

We keep our testing tool always up to date. You will find all the latest versions of the browsers to your service.
Remote access

Remote access

Thanks to our web emulator tool, you can access and test your web resource from anywhere and anytime with no need to have lots of devices.


Comparium cares about the security of their users that is why implements SSL certificates to protect your work.


If you have any questions or concerns you can contact our support team. They are always welcome to help you if needed.


Comparium provides you access to different browsers and their version. Here you can find not only Chrome emulator online but also Opera, Firefox,and Edge along with various operating systems and screen resolutions. Accelerate your testing speed and facilitate your workflow.

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Live testing

Remote testing no matter the browser using mouse and keyboard


Take screenshots across different browsers and compare results

Frequently asked questions

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