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Support for Smartscroll

From now on you can capture screenshots of the entire page without floating elements with position: fixed and sticky, that can cover the page and prevent you from detecting any visual bugs. Have more accurate cross-browser testing with Smartscroll feature.

Comparium Chrome Extension

We are happy to announce that we have released Comparium Chrome Extension to facilitate your testing routine. We value your testing time and want you to be able to perform web testing in a fast and easy way. Extension is also available for Chromium-based browsers, like Opera, Edge, etc. Learn more.

Live Basic became Free Plan

We have changed the number of subscription plans and are happy to announce that the earlier Live Basic Plan became Free Plan. From now on all the functionalities available in the Live Basic Plan are absolutely free of charge. Have a happy testing.

Subscription-based service

From now on Comparium is a subscription-based service that offers 3 plans, namely Free Plan, Live Basic, and Live Plus.

Browsers update in Live testing

Updated versions of browsers are now available when running live testing. From now on perform tests on:

  • Chrome 88, 89
  • Firefox 85, 84, 83
  • Opera 73, 74

Comparium Roadmap

With each version of Comparium more new features will be provided for the users. We believe that there is no room for complacency and are always in search for new ideas that we can implement in the new versions of the project.
Initial release

Screenshots testing under following Platforms, Browsers and their versions:

  • Windows: Chrome 71, 75; Firefox 61, 68; Opera 57, 58; IE 10, 11.
  • macOS (with and without Dark Mode): Chrome 71, 77; Firefox 61, 68; Opera 57, 58 and Safari 12.0.
  • Linux: Chrome 71, 75; Firefox 61, 68; Opera 60, 62.
Current version
  • Tests of the pages that require authentication
  • Screenshots testing on Windows 10
  • Tests in closed environment (protected with .htaccess)
  • Screenshots comparison with uploaded mockup
  • Real-time web testing in Linux and Windows browsers
  • Automatic screenshots comparison
  • Manual screenshots comparison
  • Personal user account
  • Support for different browser resolutions
Upcoming upgrades
  • Real-time web testing in Mac browsers
  • Test websites protected behind VPN
  • Support for custom Selenium scripts
  • Test on real mobile devices
  • Screenshots markup and captions
  • Screenshots sharing
  • Bulk URLs test
  • Tests scheduling with email reports
  • Screenshot delay
  • Support for Apple Retina website versions
Future versions
  • Autodetection and test of the localized versions of the web page
  • Low-speed connection imitation
  • Support for different display aspect ratio
  • Downloading of the testing results
  • History of screenshot versions and URL sessions
  • Corporate accounts with roles and permissions
  • Integrations with team managers and bug reporters
  • Screenshots from different locations via proxies
  • Test at the custom time of the day
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