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WordPress browser compatibility: how to test in 2021

If you’re wondering what the best ways to test WordPress browser compatibility are, you’re in the right place. But first things first, is it that important to test your WordPress website across different browsers?

Absolutely, in fact, it is crucial, especially if you want to implement a new design or change themes. Discover the best approach to make sure your WordPress website functions properly on all the popular browsers.

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How to find WordPress issues in different browsers:

Below you'll find all necessary information on testing WordPress compatibility.

Comparium WordPress Compatibility Testing Tool: Useful Information and Key-Features


4.5 Rank based on 1021 + users Reviews (250)
Requirements: Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, IE-11
Category: Online service

In order to test the compatibility of WordPress websites on different browsers, first, you will need a well-rounded tool that can help you get the job done correctly. Introducing Comparium, one of the best automated cross-browser compatibility testing tools we’ve had the pleasure of trying out.

This is a dedicated testing app that will not only save you a lot of time, allowing you to focus on the actual work while knowing that your WordPress website is up and running at optimal capacity on all major browsers of the moment.

It features a handy Screenshot tool that will allow you to capture an entire webpage in one single go, and which will help you identify website incompatibilities and display errors much faster. At the same time, it also offers a tremendous Live Testing tool, which will help you check for any functionality WordPress issues and UI bugs.

Let's look closer at Screenshot tool.

Screenshot tool this is by far the key feature of Comparium, as it allows you to run tests without any kind of interruptions. All of the errors identified during the process will be automatically emailed to you, displaying the screenshots corresponding to the error pages encountered. Naturally, this will allow you to continue your work unhindered, while the app checks and points out any mistakes.

Even better, you can save all of the screenshots for future testing, so that you don’t end up repeating the same mistakes. And this is the best way to identify any issues with WordPress websites and keep track of them, all while being able to carry on your work, saving a lot of precious time.

You can choose from multiple display options for the screenshots so that you get the best results if you also want to go over them manually.


Courtesy of this WordPress browser compatibility plugin, you will be able to conduct tests that simulate real-time behavior. To do this, you simply have to open any resource stored on your computer with any operating system that you would like to try out.

Simply put, the Live Testing tool will allow you to observe and analyze your website functionality and display on a wide array of Internet Browsers and operating systems without purchasing any of the latter. The steps are fairly simple:

  • Click the Live Testing tab
  • Insert the URL that you want to test in the Search Box
  • Choose your desired operating system from Linux, Windows 10, and macOS Catalina
  • Go to the Browser column, and select the Browser you want to test
  • Select the version of the chosen Browser
  • Click the Run Live Test tab to start the process.

This will ensure that your website looks great on all of the most popular browsers of today, and you will need a bit more than just a WordPress browser compatibility plugin.


Other Testing Tools to Identify WordPress Issues

While we consider Comparium to be one of the top cross-browser testing apps to determine the best browser for WordPress sites with ease, there are other options as well. These are the most relevant programs available on the market that can give you good results as well.


BrowserStack can also be used to test WordPress browser compatibility.

This is a pretty advanced browser and app testing infrastructure with a great capacity of 2000+ browsers and real devices. It is what you would call a straight out-of-the-box product that requires no setup at all and absolutely no maintenance.

This means instant access to any browser with dev tools in a VM. In terms of capacity, BrowserStack will allow you to test WordPress compatibility on almost all relevant Internet Browsers and no less than 2000 iOS and Android real devices.


LambdaTest can also be used to test WordPress browser compatibility.

This is considered by most to be one of the top tools for cross-browser testing currently available online. We’re talking about a cloud-based app featuring Run Selenium tests made on scalable Selenium grids. As for capacity, it too can test more than 2000 different browser environments and online operating systems.

With just one click, you will be able to test the responsiveness of your website across all of these platforms and quickly identify any WordPress issues. It will also allow you to report all encountered issues and bugs on the most popular tracking tools like Asana, Jira, GitHub, Slack, Trello, or BitBucket, one-click.


CrossBrowserTesting can also be used to test WordPress browser compatibility.

This is yet another advanced and understandable tool for cross-browser testing that can run Manual, Visual, and Selenium tests in the cloud on at least 2050 real devices and both mobile and desktop browsers. CBT is a much more thorough and efficient tool than many of the free tools available today.

According to dozens of testimonials from users, the price is well justified and will, in exchange, save you hours and hours of extra work. It’s fairly easy-to-use and comes with impressive automated capabilities that will help you identify issues with WordPress effortlessly.

WordPress Compatibility Testing: Advantages & Issues

When it comes to WordPress compatibility, the most common issues usually come from customization. WordPress is very much compatible with all important modern browsers, making it such a massive success among website owners worldwide.

So, when it comes to determining the best browser for WordPress, one must think about how that given browser reacts to the high level of customization offered by WP. It basically allows users to deploy, customize, scale, and maintain their platforms without any advanced web design notions.

On the other hand, when you integrate numerous unknown components into your website, and an issue arises, the debugging process will be far more complex.

But no matter how complex the problems, you should always focus on the most accessible solutions available. You can use advanced tools such as Google Analytics, FoxMetrix, Clicky, KISSmetrics, and Piwik to understand your website’s statistics and users’ behavior, as well as what type of devices or browser version is preferred.

Once you have collected all the data, proceed to browser compatibility testing and let one of the advanced tools such as Comparium do the hard part for you.


As you discovered in the previous paragraphs, WordPress is an excellent choice for developing a website that stands great chances of being compatible with most browsers.

However, adding numerous plugins and customizing themes can lead to severe display and functionality hiccups from one browser to another.

Luckily, there are plenty of cross-browser testing tools to identify any issue and fix it before launching the website for the broad public.

Comparium stands out from all of the WordPress browser compatibility checking tools by delivering a fully online interface with numerous testing features. You can try it for free and use the Screenshot or Live Testing tool to analyze the website in various browser/operating systems combinations. Once you have a list of everything that needs to be fixed, go back to the code and plugins to make sure you address all issues with WordPress, and the website works as it should.

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