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Capture Firefox Full Page Screenshots in an Instant

Are you a layman, or a web dev? Either way, you can get a lot of use out of a Firefox screen grabber. Sometimes, you just need to screenshot the whole page without zooming or scrolling. High resolution and easy access are an absolute must for a browser screen capture program.

This is particularly useful to a developer. You can store full-page screenshots to quickly compare different iterations of your web page without any additional software - just make sure to keep a backup. These pictures will allow you to showcase the evolution of your page as it gets updated and improved.

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How to Make a Firefox Screen Grab Without Any Tools

Firefox is capable of taking full-scale screenshots by default, even without plugins.

1. Once your page is fully loaded, right-click it and select "Take a screenshot". There’s a hotkey both on Windows and on Mac - Command(Ctrl) + Shift + S.

How to make a Firefox screenshot by default

2. From there on, there are many options, such as clicking-and-dragging (to select an area), clicking an HTML element, or saving the visible area. You need to choose the option to "Save full page".

3. Afterwards, copy your Firefox screenshot to the clipboard or download it.

An Add-on for Firefox - Screenshot Full Page

Many add-ons introduce screenshot-taking functionality that can be accessed even faster. Sometimes, they even allow you to make a Firefox screen capture in one click! If you need speed, such an extension could make a whole world of difference.

Make a Firefox screenshot full page with add-on

  1. Get the Page Screenshot add-on for Firefox.
  2. Click the app icon on your toolbar to use it.
    The first time you use Page Screenshot, you’ll need to grant it some permissions.
  3. On use, it will take a screenshot and prompt you to save the image.
    You can configure the settings from Menu > Add-ons > Extensions. That’s where you’ll find the app and its Preferences.

The settings include saved file format, delay before the shot is taken and image quality.

Firefox - Screenshot Full Page through an Online Service

Here are some web services that fulfill the same function without needing to be locally installed. Visit these sites and take screenshots at your leisure!

1. Comparium

Comparium is a simple service that still manages to incorporate a lot of features. It allows you to test your websites for Windows, macOS and Linux with different browsers and adjustable versions. The tests are done quickly, they can run simultaneously and the results will be sent to the email address of your choice. One of the things Comparium does particularly well is Firefox screenshot entire page.

How to Use Comparium to Make a Firefox Screen Grab


4.5 Rank based on 1021 + users Reviews (250)
Requirements: Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, IE-11
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Make a Firefox screenshot entire webpage using Comparium

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Sign up for a free test.
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Go to the "Screenshots" tab.
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Paste in the URL you want tested.
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Set your desired screen resolution, OS and browser.
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Click "Create Screenshots". Your results will show up below.

Comparium is quite flexible. It offers several methods of comparison that give you a better look on the differences between pages. There are multiple ways you can view pages, such as "side-by-side", or an "overlay" mode. You can choose a template to which the screenshots will be compared, and find differences automatically.

2. CrossBrowserTesting

A Firefox Screen Grab with CrossBrowserTesting

This is exclusively a paid service, but you get a whole lot of options. Most importantly, you can switch between platforms on which the site is tested. But it doesn’t end there: you can adjust other minutia, such as system version and screen resolution. All in all, it’s a pretty serious tool that may interest well-financed and technically advanced users.

3. Browserstack

Make a firefox full screenshot using Browserstack

Here’s a different service. It also boasts an impressive amount of supported platforms on which you can test a website and take screenshots. However, its use is heavily restricted: a 30-minute demo is all you can get before having to buy it and install software on your system. It’s also worth mentioning that you need to sign in before you can even access the demo.


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