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Between 1995 and 2013 there have been 11 different versions of Internet Explorer. This means that the last update was released more than seven years ago. In January of 2016 Microsoft officially announced they will not offer support for IE10 and older versions.

IE browser

Even without support, the market coverage of Internet Explorer is still very large at 28%. The only other browser that has a higher spread is Google Chrome, with 35% of the market. In March 2019, Chris Jackson - Microsoft Chief Security Officer - urged users to avoid using IE at all costs in favor of more modern browsers. However, Mr. Jackson’s pleading has not been heard by the average user, and this forces companies to adapt if they still want to target that user demographic.

Internet Explorer is one of the Oldest Browsers But People Still Use It

Because so many users are still using various versions of Internet Explorer emulating remains a priority. An Internet Explorer simulator can help with making your product available to more users. IE browser testing is also mandatory because plenty of companies are still forced to use Internet Explorer. Various line-of-business tools have been initially designed with Internet Explorer in mind and ignoring the Internet Explorer browser test could have serious repercussions for companies.

The blueprint for enterprise systems and office intranets has been designed on the most popular browser at the time. That just happened to be Internet Explorer by a large margin. It was already installed on all machines and while it was fully supported there was no reason to accommodate any other browser.

However, now that it has become obsolete it doesn’t mean that the companies have made the transition to other browsers. High costs and manpower requirements are forcing companies from some sectors to delay the migration. Pharma, logistics, and large corporations are only some of the examples of businesses that are stuck with Internet Explorer.

Who Needs to Emulate Internet Explorer and Why?

Any company that does not want to miss out on such a huge chunk of the market needs to invest in means to emulate Internet Explorer. Not making sure that the website is fully integrated into all versions of IE would endanger the proper usage of users mainly located in less advanced regions of the world.

Another major reason to emulate Internet Explorer 8 is the Study and Research Certification that was obtained by healthcare and pharmaceutical companies in older IE versions. If they were to upgrade to a different browser and operating system combination they would also have to request the certifications anew from the FDA.

Advantages of Using Internet Explorer Emulator for Web Testing

It is challenging to run multiple versions of IE on the same machine. The reason for this is that there will be runtime version conflicts and various operating-system incompatibilities. An Internet Explorer emulator online solution can ease your developer’s workload and reduce business costs.

Another advantage of using an Internet Explorer emulator for Mac or Windows is the fact that it will enable you to swap between the various versions of IE without any hassle. This in turn will lessen the burden on your development team so that they could focus on more important projects. If you want to attract visitors and introduce them to your company and products, you will have to invest in cross-browser testing. Browser testing Internet Explorer should be one of the first browsers you target due to the sheer number of users across all versions.

If you want to redesign your website or want to make sure that the investment in the website will pay off, you must make sure it performs flawlessly not only on Internet Explorer but on other browsers too. That's why the vast majority of testers prefer versatile solutions such as Comparium – a powerful assistant that allows testing the performance of websites in different browsers, browser versions and operating systems.

IE browser test

Currently Comparium supports IE browser testing in Screenshots mode. As for Internet Explorer emulation, this feature will be added in future updates.

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