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Testing tools

What are the best cross browser testing tools and why do we need to use them? The answer is simple and soon you will figure it out but so far let’s answer other questions. How often do software customers want their project to work for any user, in any environment? What is hidden behind this phrase? What exactly is required from the tester when it comes to testing? And how will he translate requirements into reality?

Today, every web developer has a task to check the site for compatibility with various browsers and their browser versions. You can, of course, install various browsers on your computer and visually check how the website displays in them. But if you are asked how many browsers you know, I think you can name at least five with confidence. And if you ask how many browsers exist at all - perhaps you will think about it. And if you ask Google about this? The answer will be confusing. The number of more or less well-known browsers now exceeds 50 items. And maybe right now someone is releasing another one on the network, their own. And let's imagine that tomorrow this “someone” will release an update to his browser. So how can one check everything in such difficult conditions? There are already many cross browser testing tools that allow you to comprehensively test a website and check how it is displayed in various browsers, on different platforms and screen resolutions.

Below we present a list of browser compatibility testing tools. These services will help you easily check your site for compatibility with any browser, from various versions of Internet Explorer to more than 300 browsers on the market in combination with different operating systems.

List of the best cross browser testing services


Comparium screen

Comparium starts our list of the best cross browser testing tools. It is a convenient online platform for automating cross browser testing based on Selenium. The service performs checks on the basis of modern operating systems, as well as all versions of popular web browsers and their versions. Comparium has a neat and intuitive user interface, has 4 comparison modes, and supports live time testing. This tool is noted for showing the dimensions not only of the home screen but also mobile and tablet devices.


  • convenient detection of visual errors as well as automatic error detection mode;
  • visual compatibility testing with the combination of browser and OS of your choice;
  • support for Linux operating system;
  • real-time testing capability.


  • live testing can be run on Linux and Windows OSes, Mac OS is not supported yet;
  • screenshots are not generated in Microsoft Edge browser;
  • does not support the old versions of browsers.


LambdaTest screen

LambdaTest is one of the most reliable web-browser testing tools on this list. It includes the ability to test on more than 2000 real browsers and operating systems. This tool is more than just looking at how your site will look, it checks compatibility, user experience, pixel perfection, and much more in a live environment. It tests on several devices, browsers, and browser versions so that you know exactly how your site works. You can get screenshots of how it all looks, and even collaborate with the tool (and team) online. In addition, the bonus of a premium tool like this one is that it includes debugging features that will help you solve design problems as they arise.


  • neat and intuitive user interface;
  • ability to set certain time intervals, and this browser testing tool will take screenshots from the desired URL, and send the results to your email;
  • availability of browsers and integrations.


  • lags can be seen in virtual machines for a very short time;
  • It could be faster in screenshot generation.


CrossBrowserTesting screen

On the online platform CrossBrowserTesting, you can test your web product in terms of virtual use of more than 1,500 real devices based on popular operating systems. The site’s functionality allows you to perform interactive testing and debugging on the selected remote device in real-time, browse web pages in multiple browsers at the same time, run Selenium-based autotests. By the way, this cross browser testing service will be very useful for those companies that use the Agile development methodology.


  • a large browser base;
  • the ability to accurately assign a combination of browser and OS;
  • most tests are carried out on real devices;
  • the results of screenshots can be obtained with one click.


  • аree access for just one hour;
  • some tests are still carried out on emulators.


BrowserStack screen

Browserstack is one more service from the list of browser compatibility testing tools necessary for testing programs and applications in browsers. Programmers managed to create an emulation of more than seven hundred browsers for PC and mobile devices. With such a huge collection of browsers, you can qualitatively test any program, identify all errors. In addition, access to browsers is provided immediately, and the user does not have to organize virtual devices and machines. By the way, developers are also given access to a local service.


  • API testing is completely unique in this segment;
  • ability to inspect the code on the devices to identify the issues.


  • mobile devices are emulated;
  • sometimes it works a little slow;
  • quite heavy and slowing the system service.


Browsershots screen

BrowserShots allows you to launch your page on an impressive number of browsers for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. A popular online cross browser testing tool that allows you to check the adaptability and cross-browser resource. It is worth mentioning that the check goes not only on the latest versions of popular browsers but on all that could be used by an ordinary user. By the way, screenshots are made very competently: for most browsers, with a sufficiently long page, the screenshots actually consist of gluing together several screenshots with scrolling.


  • this browser testing tool has an open code and anyone can join it by providing their computing resources;
  • free of charge;
  • automatic screenshots can be received in parallel on different computers;
  • tests are made on real devices.


  • the most serious drawback of BrowserShots is the response time;
  • screenshots are available in just 30 minutes;
  • many different scrolling bugs.


SauceLabs screen

SauceLabs provides both automated and manual testing for over 90 combinations of browser versions and operating systems as well as mobile devices (Android and iOS). Among other features of this cross browser testing service, it is worth mentioning automatic testing, which can make a full audit of your resource and provides a detailed report on its implementation, including step-by-step screenshots and videos.


  • real devices are used for running tests;
  • ability to monitor the progress of the test in real-time and intervene in the process;
  • user-friendly interface for both newbies and savvy users.


  • can be a bit slow;
  • could support more browser combinations;
  • overall performance can be improved.


Browsera screen

The final position in our best cross browser testing tools goes to Browsera. The service allows you to test the adaptability of the site to different applications and versions. This is an automatic tool that allows you to quickly get the result in the form of screenshots. It will show problems with markup, moving out texts, incorrect layout, etc. There are two versions: paid and free. In the paid, advanced features and additional browsers are available. Free can only boast about the basic capabilities of the platform, but for some webmasters, this is quite enough.


  • Browsera supports authentication, scrolling, and surfing of the website;
  • time for screenshots generation is impressive;
  • recursive website surfing.


  • compared to other candidates, browser support is rather scarce here: only IE, Firefox, and Safari.


Cross-browser compatibility is the identity of displaying a web resource in different browsers and their versions. The incorrect look of the site pushes users away, which is bad for behavioral factors and SEO. A number of automatic web-browser testing tools allow checking cross-browser compatibility. However, some of them are paid but most of them have trial access or free plans. Choose a service that is more suitable for your workflow and check all significant design changes. In addition to the foregoing, we note that the choice of a good cross-platform tool depends on the requirements of the client and the capabilities of the product company. In addition, each browser compatibility testing tool has its advantages and disadvantages.

Cross browser testing tools: Frequently Asked Questions