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Cross-browser testing and cross-platform testing is currently gaining popularity through online services that provide access to physical devices or emulators of the platforms you need. This method of testing maximally eliminates the disadvantages of both testing on physical devices and self-emulation of the necessary devices, whereas its indisputable advantages are simplicity, cheapness, and convenience.

BrowserStack alternative

What is BrowserStack and how can it help you with cross-browser and cross-platform tests? BrowserStack is an online tool for testing the visual part of your resource. The key advantages of this testing service are simplicity, convenience, speed, the ability to test on real platforms. To start testing, you do not need to install anything to configure for a long time. To improve convenience, as well as testing locally deployed sites, it is possible to install a browser plug-in.

What are the main BrowserStack capabilities

  • BrowserStack provides the ability to remotely test on physical devices.
  • Screenshots that you took are already on your desktop, where you can highlight problem areas with your favorite tool and continue testing, without having to copy/send screenshots from your tablet or phone to your desktop, in addition, you can make, edit and share screenshots in BrowserStack itself within a previously created team;
  • Fast transition from one test platform to another.
  • Testing speed in various extensions. BrowserStack has both a list of extensions to choose from and the ability to test design responsiveness by manually resizing the window.
  • All browsers are already installed with the developer tools, which greatly simplifies the testing process and does not force you to spend your time setting up the test environment.

Other BrowserStack capabilities worth mentioning:

  • Also should be mentioned the ability of BrowserStack to take screenshots of the entire page, and not just its visible part, both on mobile and desktop platforms. This functionality significantly speeds up testing responsive web page design.
  • The service supports the automated testing function using Selenium or JavaScript automated tests, as well as the use of popular continuous integration tools, such as Jenkins and Travis, which greatly expands the possibilities of its use. In general, this tool is necessary for both testers and developers, as it makes work easier, more convenient, and saves time.

However, most of the offered BrowserStack pricing plans are expensive and are mostly designed for enterprise customers, whereas cheap plans are very limited in their functionality and do not allow small businesses or freelancers to test their sites to the fullest. So, what should such small businesses and freelancers do in order to be sure that their web resource is fully compatible and not lose visitors? Subscribing no matter the costs is definitely not an option. That is why we consider taking a look at BrowserStack replacement, namely Comparium.

Comparium - convenient BrowserStack alternative

Comparium is an app-based website to help you with testing the visual display of your web resource on multiple platforms with browser combinations. This online service offers you a wide set of features that can help everyone, starting from the beginner of website maker to a savvy software developer. Let’s take a closer look at this BrowserStack replacement:

  • It is an easy-to-use and compact service for monitoring and analysis of web resources, as you can use it on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Parallel and simulated launches on several operating systems, including Windows 7, macOS and Linux are supported.
  • Support for testing of web resources on several browser platforms, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
  • The test results shown on the taken screenshots, allows you to identify the incompatible version of the operating system and browser platform with a specific web site.
  • Comparium adds accuracy to the site, highlighting errors, and providing detailed results of testing.
  • Screenshots of the automatic test are sent to the user by email after completing the test. Also. you are not bound with the number of screenshots you can take within one session, as well as limits of browser device combinations. Comparium supports work with the most widely used browsing platforms/their versions and operating systems Combine according to your needs or the needs of your client to have the full picture whether your site is 100% cross-browser compatible or not.

Special attention should be paid to 4 modes of screenshots comparison and testing in real-time

  • Real-time testing is the most frequently requested tool for web testers and developers as it gives you the opportunity to open any resource on a computer with an operating system that you do not want to buy just for testing. During live testing, you will see everything as if you were working with the exact browser on the exact operating system. By the way, you will not only see but also be able to do everything the same way as with your favorite familiar browser, only for this you do not need to install a lot of ​​software, virtual machines, and browsers.
  • Screenshot comparison mode. Unlike BrowserStack, Comparium supports 3 modes of manual testing and one mode of automated screenshot comparison aimed to facilitate your working process. Here you can choose how you want your screenshots to be compared, namely side-by-side, overlay of one screenshot over another, slider, or finding differences mode. Each of them can be adjusted according to your needs and is helpful in different stages of testing your site and the feature of highlighting errors in automated mode gives you even better understanding of the whole testing process.


Each team in the development process is faced with the need to maintain a high level of quality of its product. Despite the considerable time cost, the quality of the product is an integral component of its success in the future. Important components of the quality of a web product are its cross-browser and cross-platform. Testing how the pages of your product are displayed on different desktop browsers and mobile platforms is often no less important than functional testing or other types of testing. “Image” is the first thing the user sees, and few will remain on the page if, due to the particular browser, the page structure is not displayed properly. And so the user simply leaves the page, purely because of the aesthetic aspect, despite the high level of quality of functionality, performance, and interesting content and BrowserStack, Comparium and other BrowserStack alternatives are ready to help you with this issue.

BrowserStack: Frequently Asked Questions